Beauty of imperfections

In our everyday strive for perfection in our lives more and more people start to notice that the true beauty can sometimes be found in the places most unexpected. In recent years, various wears, which would prevent an experienced buyer from acquiring the rug, started to be seen as an advantage. This trend began when boho-loving designers started to perceive small imperfections on furnishings and deco as a completely new aesthetics. It was then when they discovered something revolutionary – instead of being a blemish,…Continue Reading “Beauty of imperfections”

When deciding to buy an antique rug, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by a sheer amount of information on the subject of carpet care. While it is true that in most cases it is best to leave cleaning your carpet to the professionals, not everybody is willing to do it. In this article we will try to share some tips that will make taking care of your beloved carpet much easier and less stressful. Vacuuming your antique rug might be a little risky business. Modern…Continue Reading “Treat your antique carpet right”

Turkish weaving art is among the most developed in the world. The beauty of their Oriental designs was appreciated even in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, when they dominated European market. Even famed traveler Marco Polo was not immune to their exquisite charm. They appeared widely in paintings of the great masters and houses of the rich nobles and merchants. Among different kinds of Turkish rugs, Bergama rugs of the western Anatolian region have a very special place. High quality of the weave and exquisite…Continue Reading “Antique Turkish Bergama Rugs”