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When deciding to buy an antique rug, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by a sheer amount of information on the subject of carpet care. While it is true that in most cases it is best to leave cleaning your carpet to the professionals, not everybody is willing to do it. In this article we will try to share some tips that will make taking care of your beloved carpet much easier and less stressful.

Vacuuming your antique rug might be a little risky business. Modern vacuums can be too aggressive for delicate carpets, especially if they are very old. It would be best to use a carpet sweeper or a specialist canister vacuum instead of vacuuming. When cleaning in such a way, do it from side to side in order not to grab and accidentally damage the fringe. Be mindful about what settings are you using. The best one to use on antique carpet is “bare floor” or minimal.

It can be a good idea to consider cleaning your rug once or twice a year, even if it doesn’t look too dirty. Accumulated dirt and dust can dull carpet’s color considerably and as a result damage the pile, as it all sinks down and saws the fiber. Market is full of good quality cleaning products which will help your carpet to withstand dirt, but if it is of considerable age, consider getting help of professional cleaners. Any kinds of spills cannot be ignored and should be gently bloated with a damp piece of cloth. Vine or juice stains can be extremely difficult to take care of and can ruin the pile!

Always secure your carpet with special pads and cushions, so it won’t move around or get damaged during vacuuming. Although antique rugs are sometimes tougher than we think, some things can damage them in an extremely short time – walking being one of them. Very old carpets should never be placed in high traffic areas, such as corridors or living rooms, as they pile can quickly wear down. Remember that antique carpets are pieces of art which should be enjoyed by your family for generation, not to be mindlessly walked on.

If you have any doubt about taking care of your antique rug, our experienced employees at DLB gallery at 61st Street in New York will be more than happy to help. Our staff is also available online, should you need any help away from New York.


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